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Machiya inn HANA is the Machiya Traditional Japanese style house (80years)in the downtown of Kanazawa.
Kanazawa Machiya INN HANA


*If there is no reply within 24hours please send again.Closed,holiday and vacancy calendars can not respond to calls or reply.

Reservation from the official website is advantageous

We are offering accommodation plans reservation reception from this web from our other reservation site at a reasonable price.

Online booking (Website only Reservation benefits)
  1. Japanese SAKE service or kanazawa cider service
  2. Best rate best price guarantee.

Please fill in all the hope in the remarks column of the HP reservation.

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※After you send us reservation form, it is not our confirmation. We will send a confirmation message to your email address or call you directly after you complete your reservation.Please wait one business day for our reply. Thank you.