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Machiya inn HANA is the Machiya Traditional Japanese style house (80years)in the downtown of Kanazawa.
Kanazawa Machiya INN HANA


Frequently Asked Questions

About facilities

About check in
Check in is from 15:00 until 24:00 ,we will show you how to check in at check in.
About check out
.Check out is until 10 am ,we will show you how to check out at check in.
Is it possible to consecutive nights?
It is possible.
With meals?
We don’t have meals,but rice and instant miso soup are prepared. Kitchen,cooking utensils,dishes are provided,please inquire about the details of facilities.
Is it possible to send my luggage?
Please contact us on this site inquiry or by telephone.
Is it possible to stay over capacity
Please contact us on this site inquiry or by telephone.
Can I reserve the number of people staying?
.Since the fee will vary depending on the mumber of people you use,
please contact us as soon as possible,since we may not be able to use it if exceeds the capacity,please confirm by telephone.
Is it possible to use underage people?
Please use minors with accompanying parents.
Is it possible to stay pets too?
we are sorry,Can not.

About Parking Lot

Is there a parking lot?
Please use the nearest paid coin parking,coin parking information will be announced by e-mail of telephone.It is 1500yen a day.

About facilities in the accommodation

Is there a smoking place in the facility?
Everyting inside the building is considered to be non-smoking.We
How about Internet enviroment is
Wireless LAN enviironment by Wi-Fi is possible. The speed is 1Gbps.
What kind of Amenities are available?
Please sea the room equipment page.
Is there a refrigerator?
Yes,you can use it freely,such as drinks you bought ice cream.

About the price

Is there a child fee?
A. It is not,please contact us by inquiry from or by telephone.
What is the charge other than the room rate?
Cleaning fee,consumption tax,etc.are included in the usage fee beforehand,normally there is no cost other than the accommodation fee.